Site icon 7th International Meeting of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society

NETWORKING DINNER Tuesday 22 October from 19:15 at the Vienna City Hall

The official meeting networking evening is a great opportunity for delegates to exchange and share knowledge in a more informal setting. Delegates who wish to attend this networking opportunity need to reserve for their ticket, which is at a price of € 50 for participants and € 25 for trainees. The Vienna City Hall venue is provided with the kind support of the Mayor’s office.

With Entertainment by Grossmütterchen Hatz & Klok – GROßMÜTTERCHEN (means “Grandma”) HATZ SALON ORKESTAR is a humorous “Worldjazzfolkskapopp-Quintett”. Their influences are drawn from Klezmer, Balkanfolk, Latin America and from classical music.  This Viennese band started in 2010. Since the very beginning, they’ve been a breath of fresh air on the Austrian music scene. They played with Randy Brecker, Dean Bowman, DJ Shantel and bands such as Bucovina Club Orkestrar and Sandy Lopicic Orkestrar. Each concert is like an eruption of unbelievable energy, unique mastery and humor. They can make anyone dance even the most reluctant people, so… let’s dance! (Quote from the Jewish Culture Festival Warsaw 2013) More Details about the Networking Events

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